1. Whenever I plug my Eagle Eye 360 into my Eagle Eye, it doesn’t seem to do anything!

The 360 Eagle Eye has a different plug in procedure from the PS3 version. Plug the Eagle Eye in, then plug a wired 360 controller into a port on the Eagle Eye. After it syncs, just unplug the controller and plug your mouse and keyboard in. It HAS to be wired. You cannot use a wireless controller with a plug and play kit attached, as the cable only sends power, not data.

2. How do I get my wired headset to work with me Eagle Eye for Xbox 360?

Unfortunately, the Eagle Eye 360 is not compatible with wired headsets, as they require a 360 controller to be used. You can use a wireless headset though, which you will activate like normal.

3. After updating to firmware 3.0, my PS3 won’t recognize my Eagle Eye and they keyboard and mouse aren’t responding!

In nearly every case of this, it means the firmware was installed incorrectly. Make sure that when you install the firmware, you plug the Eagle Eye in with the switch on the bottom set to “Program”, then switch it back to “Play” while plugged in. After doing so, update the firmware, then unplug it and plug it back in. Create a new keymap, send it, and try once more.

4. When I right click to ADS it stutters and/or my buttons don’t respond when held down to pick up items, what’s going on?

The problem you are experiencing is because the turbo is on. Unfortunately, they were manufactured with the turbo turned on by default. To solve your problem, go ahead and move all of the turbo switches away from “TURBO” and towards the DS3 button symbols. This will allow you to hold buttons down and ADS.

5. My keyboard works in the PS3 menu but once I get into a game nothing works!

Make sure that the EEC is set to Controller 1. To do this, start the PS3 with the EEC. Use the EEC to navigate to Settings > Accessory Settings > Reassign Controllers > 1.

6. When I try to edit my key layout I get this “Load Key Table Error” how do I fix this?

This error occurs when the Key Table folder is not in the same directory as the executable file. To fix this you can recopy all of the files off of the mini CD to the same directory or you can download Eagle Edit from our support page and make sure you extract all of the files to the same directory.

7. When playing Black Ops, the game freezes momentarily when I try shooting.

This is because Treyarch has implemented anti-turbo code into Black Ops. Please turn off Turbo to fix this issue.

8. My keyboard doesn’t light up or respond.

Please check our keyboard compatibility list to make sure your keyboard is supported. If your keyboard is not on the list then it is most likely not compatible. If it is on the list please contact us through email below.

9. My mouse doesn’t light up or respond.

Please check our mouse compatibility list to make sure your mouse is supported. If your mouse is not on the list then it is most likely not compatible. If it is on the list please fill out and post the form below.

10. My keyboard lights up and works, but once I plug in my mouse neither of them light up and vice versa.

This is most likely caused because your keyboard and mouse use more power than what a single PS3 USB port can provide. You can fix this by using a USB powered hub in between the EEC and the PS3, or using a less power hungry keyboard or mouse.

11. I am experiencing lag.

The EEC should not be causing any lag. Please try playing with your PS3 controller. If you are still experiencing lag then it is because of your TV latency, if you TV has different modes try turning it to “Game” mode. If you don’t experience lag with the DS3 controller, but you do with the EEC, please fill out and post the form below.

12. I am experiencing Auto Melee/Start

Please let us know your keyboard and mouse setup and any pattern you notice that leads to this issue by contacting us using the email at the bottom.

13. After playing for a little bit the EEC stops responding and I have to unplug and plug it back in.

There are some reports saying that the issue is caused by mapping keys 1 and 2 on the keyboard. You can try moving those keys to another position to see if this works. We are not entirely sure if this is the cause of the issue and are currently investigating it. If you are experiencing this issue or have had this issue stop by changing your mapping of keys 1 and 2, please post your mouse and keyboard information here.

14. How do I know if I have firmware 2.0?

Check the mini CD that comes with the EEC. If the key mapping program Eagle Edit has a 2.0 in front of its name, then you have firmware 2.0. Another way to check is if it came in a plastic blister package then it has firmware 2.0, and if it came in a box then it is 1.0.

15. When I am updating the Eagle Eye to firmware 2.0, “rev_ff error” appears in the console.

This error occurs when the EEC is not receiving enough power. Some USB ports randomly do not work with the firmware update. Try unplugging all of your USB devices except your mouse and keyboard, then plug in the EEC set to ‘PROGRAM’ to a different USB port (preferably one on the back) and try upgrading it. If you still cannot get it update please contact us either through email or phone.

16. When I try to send my Key Map to the EEC, I get “Device Not Found”

If you have firmware 2.0, make sure you are using Eagle Edit 2.0 ( It will have a picture of the PS3 Controller ). Try rebooting your PC, open Eagle Edit, then plug the EEC into a different USB port while it is set to ‘PLAY’ (try the USB ports in the back of your PC). Also, if you have used Fragenstein, MotioninJoy or any other PS3 device/drivers for windows, make sure their drivers are uninstalled.

To perform a quick test, set the EEC switch to PLAY and unplug your mouse/keyboard from the EEC and then try connecting it to the USB ports found on the rear if the PC. In device manager look for Human Interface Devices and expand it. It should list HID gaming controller and USB input device. If there is a yellow exclamation mark then right click and select Uninstall. Afterwards select Action from the tool bar in device manager and scan for new hardware. Windows should now detect the EEC and it should work.

If these do not appear in the Human Interface Devices section then check the Universal Serial Bus Controllers section in the device manager. If you see Cypress USB EZ-OTG Device VID=04B4 then you have the EEC set to PROGRAM. (If it is not physically set to PROGRAM then contact us).

Also, if you have access to another computer, try it out because sometimes the Windows’ registry and drivers get corrupted and will cause the EEC to not be recognized. If you are still having issues please contact us.



17. None of the above solved my problem!

First summarize the issue you are experiencing, then fill out as much of this form as possible and email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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PS3 or 360 Firmware Version:

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Mouse (make and model:

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Mouse Poll Rate:

Keyboard (make and model):

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