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“I played MW3 campaign first and got the feel down then you can go online and it is amazing how most of the controller players look like they are in slow motion. Well worth the 50 bucks if, like me all your friends are scared of PC games and you still want to own them. ”

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“With masterfully programmed auto detection firmware in the Eagle Eye, the PS3 instantly recognized the keyboard and mouse while differentiating and executing each key stroke as I programmed the device. So far, beyond good; the device has worked wonderfully from unpacking to set up.”

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"The Eagle-Eye Converter provides a customized key mapping feature for all PS3 controller buttons that seamlessly transfers the command data to your keyboard and mouse."

Canadian Online Gamers

"Setting up the Eagle Eye was accomplished with ease. The unit comes with easy to read instructions and a small disk which includes the software for all your mapping needs."

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Tweaked News

"Bringing the PC gaming experience to a console is no easy task, but Penguin United's Eagle Eye Converter succeeds in providing gamers the precision of a keyboard and mouse combo on the PS3 - and it does so without lag.”

Gamerfit Nation

"If this is what I am to expect with the converter, I am going to be in for one hell of a great time! I know that it’s a little early to get excited, but I feel pretty confident in saying that the Eagle Eye Converter is going to elevate my game to a whole new level on the PlayStation."


Playstation Universe

"The Eagle-Eye Converter, a new peripheral from Penguin United that aims to give you a distinct advantage over your arch-enemies and help you achieve your dreams of regular “ownage” by bringing the PC experience to PS3."


Newegg Reviews

"Great product! Bought it to play BF3 on my PS3 and it works great! Great for infantry and Heli fights. My K/D has gone up! If you miss playing on your PC and dont want to shell out thousands to play BF3 then you must get this product. Set up Keymap 1 for Infantry mode and Keymap 2 for Tanks/Heli mode. Works like a charm."