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So for this demonstration I am going to be setting up an Eagle Edit setup for MW3 and since we already have a video showing how to find and download a config from our database, this article will focus on finding a good starter config on our forums and adapting it to your playing style. So let’s get started.

First step is to go to our forums and navigate to the game section (linked above). So just immediately on the front page I notice a thread created by Hacktivated, a very experienced user on our forums who has arguably made some of the best game configs for MW3, that uses a mouse that I own and has 7 pages of responses (generally a good sign). Just from reading through the first two pages, clearly this setup has gotten great feedback, so I am going to use it. So it’s really just a matter of copying his Eagle Eye settings, in game sensitivity (10) and mouse setup.



So after copying his setup down to the ingame sensitivity and mouse settings, in this case the Logitech G500 (my mouse of choice),  and sending his Eagle Eye settings to the device, the next step is to test his setup ingame and adjust it to your liking.

Adjusting their setup to fit your preferences

So while Hacktivated config is very good for quick scanning and 180’s, which takes advantage of how powerful auto-aim really is, it’s just not my cup of tea. This is not to say I don’t like the setup, but rather is not my style. I prefer precision and a lower sensitivity. So can I adapt his setup to fit my playing style?

Since I felt the mouse movement was too quick for me and didn’t offer me the control I tend to like in a mouse configuration, I started by lowering the in-game sensitivity to 2. As you can tell in the picture below, I kept his same deadzone values. I also did not alter is mouse settings. Now I had to increase the X and Y sensitivity to compensate for the lowered in game sensitivity. Now I was able to get it tweaked to my liking, but I felt that while my precision was increased, the slower 180’s and left to right scanning was a major problem.

So I decided to increase the ingame sensitivity to 4 to see if this would solve the slower turning speed caused by dropping the ingame sensitivity (yes lower ingame sensitivity means a slower turning movement). Again, same deadzone and mouse settings as before, all I am doing here is adjusting the ingame sensitivity and the X and Y sensitivity on the Eagle Eye. So after tweaking the sensitivity to my liking, I was able to find a good X and Y sensitivity that had extremely good precision and accuracy, yet still had a decent scanning and turning speed, which didn’t compromise making quick 180’s.


The whole point of this is that while his setup didn’t fit my preference in terms of setup, I was easily able to adjust it to my liking.

My Own Personal High DPI MW3 Setup

Finally the last piece of this is going to focus on making your own high DPI config. I will admit that making my own setup took some time, about an hour and a half of testing and tweaking, so I don’t recommend it for new users. So why bother? Honestly, sometimes you won’t find a setup that genuinely suits your preferences and when this happens, you have to be willing to try it for yourself. But again if you do this, you can still use other people’s configs as starter templates for this, which is what I have done.

So why a higher DPI?  I prefer a higher DPI setup because I just generally feel it is a little more responsive and gives me more accuracy. I also feel its much easier calibrating our device with a higher DPI; going at it from a lower DPI tends to be more difficult because generally high DPI’s translate to smoother mouse movements. My in game sensitivity was 2.

So here are the mouse settings I used, these were mouse settings that worked really well for MW2 and Black Ops, so I figured they would be a good starting point. To save time, I again used Hackivateds Eagle Eye setup as a starting template. I just went into a game with his Eagle Eye setup and my mouse setup and started playing around with the Eagle Eye sensitivity and MW3’s in game sensitivity. After an hour of tweaking and tinkering (which just was lowering or raising the in game sensitivity and adjusting the Eagle Eye’s X and Y sensitivity to compensate) I came up with these which came out much better than expected and is currently my MW3 config.